The Opportunity

Let us first clarify the jargon used, yes this is a franchise opportunity, which is another way of saying that in return for an initial fee we, as franchisor will provide you with training and a turnkey business that is branded and ready to start after your initial training.

It is a partnership in which we want you to use the skills learned and develop your own business enjoying the freedom and autonomy of running your own Happy Steps Academy while working with us and other licensees to build the name and message of Happy Steps so that we all benefit further.

Our success is as a direct result of your success which is why we will invest heavily in your development should you decide to become a franchise partner and we accept you as part of our family.

It is therefore in our joint interests to work hard at generating revenue while maintaining the standards we have worked hard to establish.

To sum it up, our franchisees get everything they need to build a great business and leave our induction course with the opportunity, what they do with that opportunity is down to their commitment and hard work, with our support.